Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot Cloud Computing Job

Have you ever wished for the perfect job? Something you're interested in and that will be fun? Aptana is hiring. It's bleeding edge and perfect for the uber-hardcore-geek 2.0.

I've used Aptana Studio, the web language IDE. This is a free, open source IDE that can run standalone or as part of eclipse. This isn't a lightweight IDE like so many. This is a full featured, web development environment.

Aptana also offers an AJAX server (which I haven't used) called JAXER and a brand new Cloud Computing environment, called, obviously enough, Aptana Cloud.

If you want to know a little From the Aptana site:

Aptana Cloud is a scalable Elastic Application Cloud™ featuring fully stacked and integrated PHP app engines, Ajax/Jaxer app engines, and soon Ruby on Rails app engines -- ready to use and ready to scale for your apps and sites as you need it. Aptana Cloud plugs right into Aptana Studio to provide instant deployment, smart synchronization, and seamless migration as you scale with those same app engines running locally on your desktop for development and testing before you deploy. Aptana Cloud's team management, integrated source control, application monitoring and other turnkey services make working with the Cloud a breeze. Aptana Cloud is ideal for developers who use scripting languages to create Ajax, Facebook, mySpace and all other sorts of Web applications.

I downloaded the cloud tools and signed up for the beta and will be playing with over the next few weeks. It's pretty cool. Expect some updates here, over the next few weeks, for some hands on updates.

The purpose of this entry though is to tell you that Aptana is hiring. Just to clarify, I don't work for them or get paid by them. This is just an update because the job sounded so cool. If it wasn't 3000 miles away, I would apply for it. Check it out:

Cloud Team

The Aptana Cloud team is chartered with defining, designing, implementing, and managing the Aptana Cloud offering, including APIs and infrastructure to support multiple cloud server and service providers, management applications and tooling, and integration facilities. Key positions are available on this team. If your skillset and passions fit some significant subset of the following list, please get in touch - we are looking for a few brilliant, versatile, driven individuals as we prepare to launch our 1.0 offering.

Do you:

  • Love to build, assemble and administer OS + software systems of many different sorts?
  • Understand virtualization and abstraction of APIs at many levels?
  • Want to understand and work closely with top-notch cloud server providers: Amazon, Google, and others?
  • Get excited about defining the future of cloud services and integration points?
  • Yearn to build very cool management and reporting applications on top of the services?
  • Feel confident in being the technical liaison with integration partners?
  • Excel at gluing systems together or - when you can't find the right pre-built system - excel at just building your own?
  • Wear many hats - and are you the person everyone always comes to for expertise in multiple areas?
  • Jump at the opportunity to own a scalable, fail-safe Java server to…
    • Automatically provision nodes in a cluster based on "smart" business rules
    • Define and implement APIs that talk to the cloud provider, the IDE, the billing system, the monitoring system, and even the cloud users' code
    • Offer both OLTP and OLAP reporting for monitoring, management, and trend analysis
    • (At least this part of the cloud infrastructure is in Java; the rest can be in various languages)

Areas and systems of interest:

  • The software stack of virtual servers (web, DB, app server, etc.)
  • Monitoring and instrumentation (e.g. Nagios, and/or roll-your-own scripts)
  • Versioning a cluster of machines
  • Optimizing performance and resource utilization (incl. kernel hacking)
  • Horizontal scalability, distributed systems, failsafe design
  • RESTful APIs
  • Java Tomcat
  • MySQL

Please submit resumes to: Thanks!

Like I said, if the job wasn't on the west coast, I would SOOOOO be applying for it.

If you do apply, let me know how it goes.


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