Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Final Post on the Databases in the Cloud Blog

Well, this will be the final post on this blog. I have been neglecting it anyway. The good news is that I want to pick back up on cloud blogging but I wanted to tie it to my new site, That site has a blog so I created a new blog with the same look and feel but covering cloud topics instead of database topics.

The new blog is cloud computing info (more generic than databases in the cloud). The URL is

A final note, in addition to the blog, I am writing a Cloud Computing With Amazon book. It will be available on amazon, mobipocketbooks (ebook site) and may other bookstores within the next month. I will be posting an html version, viewable for free, on

I will also post updates about the book at

Take care and I hope to see you on the new blog.


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