Sunday, July 20, 2008

S3 was Down - Back up at 6PM

Bad news for Amazon, AWS and cloud computing in general. S3, Amazon's cloud storage, was down until just a few minutes ago. I was looking over a couple of my blog posts and noticed the images weren't displaying. I use and they use S3. Bummer.

I realize that this is a beta product for Amazon. I realize downtime happens. What is really bad is that there will now be a month of "cloud computing sucks" and "cloud computing is not ready for the enterprise" and others of that type. I won't argue the validity of those claims.

I just hate the set back this creates for cloud computing in general. Advancements come with adoption. People won't adopt something with mysterious outages. Hopefully, Amazon will be completely transparent on the cause of this outage and what they are doing to prevent it in the future.

I think this is, what? The third time in the last few months that either S3 or EC2 (or both) have gone down? Once a year is too much.

CenterNetworks has a nice blow by blow of the amazon updates on this blog entry.

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